Protective dressings

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When it comes to pressure injury prevention, ALLEVYN dressings give you a broad range of shapes and sizes – including one variant8 that can be cut to fit under medical devices.

ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings

Takes the pressure off

ALLEVYN LIFE dressings are silicone adhesive foam dressings that have been shown to help reduce the incidence of pressure injuries and cost of care7,12  when added to a standard preventive care program. ALLEVYN LIFE dressings are available in multiple shapes and sizes, including ones designed specifically to address the two sites at highest risk for developing pressure injuries – the sacrum and the heel areas.13 ALLEVYN LIFE dressings:

  • Redistribute and significantly reduce average pressure through the dressing compared to other traditional foam dressings*14,15
  • Feature a unique quadrilobe shape, along with several additional shapes, designed with a wide border to securely fit the contours of the human body and help ensure the dressing stays in place16,17
  • Can be repositioned for routine skin inspections and easily removed, helping minimize pain to the patient18-20
  • *As demonstrated in laboratory testing; p<0.001

71% reduction in sacral pressure injuries7,12

Compared to standard preventative care alone

See the study

See the study

29% reduction in daily dressing cost per patient compared to Mepilex™ Border Sacrum21 

When used with standard preventive care to help reduce sacral pressure injuries in ICU patients; AUD $5.15 vs $7.21


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Reduction in medical device-related pressure injuries (MDRPIs) to zero22

Between Q2 and Q4 2019 across a six-hospital system

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A versatile dressing to protect skin under medical devices

ALLEVYN GENTLE BORDER dressings conform to awkward areas and can easily be cut to fit under a large selection of medical devices to reduce pressure injury risk in accordance with the new NPIAP Clinical Practice Guideline.23   The ALLEVYN GENTLE BORDER range has been designed with a gentle silicone adhesive for people with sensitive or fragile skin.24,25  ALLEVYN GENTLE BORDER dressings:

  • Are comfortable24 with a soft construction26 and a breathable top layer.27,28
  • Feature a multiway stretch design that can conform to joints, curves and other awkward areas of the body;24,25,27,28 be cut to size;8 and lifted and repositioned on intact skin without losing adherent properties.29,30
  • Are showerproof**24,25 with a bacterial barrier† 31 and are simple to apply, use and remove.32
  • **Excludes ALLEVYN LIFE Heel Foam Dressing

    †Cutting will compromise the bacterial barrier properties of the dressing. Always use an aseptic technique. Ensure any exposed foam areas are covered with an appropriate film dressing taking care not to cover the entire dressing

90% relative reduction in pressure injuries33

Compared to standard preventative care alone

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